The Sangoma Dice was conceived in a picturesque rural African village South of the mighty Limpopo River by practicing healer and Sangoma n’wamdun’wazi (nicknamed Mjaji). Set amongst a culture with deep ties and nurturing respect for the earth is embedded the belief that ancestors in the afterlife guide and protect the living.

Within all of the Nguni cultures in South Africa resides the Sangoma - the traditional healer and counsellor. The role of the Sangoma is to perform a holistic form of healing and leadership, and through them ancestors from the spirit world can give instruction and advice to the living.

The Sangoma Dice was designed and researched by Mjaji with the intention to provide others with the opportunity to access the wisdom, guidance and fortune that their ancestors might willingly bestow upon them.

The Sangoma dice are now available to you to hear the guiding voices of your loving ancestors. The road to listening to ones ancestors in the afterlife is no easy achievement and to this end, our Sangoma has compiled a list of instructions that should be used when divining one’s lucky numbers. We hope your ancestors speak loudly through the Sangoma dice to bring you and your family prosperity and happiness.