Wantima Mahlori Investment CC (registration number 2010/134928/23) are the makers of the Sangoma Dice. Wantima Mahlori and persons who work for Wantima Mahlori are not responsible if you or anyone else who uses the Sangoma Dice are injured or if your property is damaged because you used the Sangoma Dice, except if Wantima Mahlori was grossly negligent.

An adult must always supervise children younger than 10 years old when they use the Sangoma Dice, because the Sangoma Dice could harm small children.

Wantima Mahlori does not encourage people to gamble, especially not children, because it is against the law for children to gamble.

If you or your child gambles or enters any competition after you or your child throws the Sangoma Dice, you will not win just because you followed or used the numbers on the Sangoma Dice when you gambled or entered a competition.

When you buy the Sangoma Dice, you agree that you cannot claim anything from Wantima Mahlori if you are injured or if your property is damaged or if you lose anything when you gamble or enter into a competition.